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Why Donate ?


Why Donate?

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By donating to SIRG, you will be making a small contribution to an extremely important cause. Our mission is to “stand in the Gap” and advocate for those in our community who are powerless to do it for themselves. The cornerstone of Black and Minority Ethnic Communities is “Community” and it is our intention to make use of the considerable skills and expertise which is contained within it, to do our bit to eradicate the inequity, inequality and disparities within our Education and Mental Health provisions for Black people.  


Your donation will not be used for anything other than to establish the support services we intend to deliver.  We need volunteers, mentors and funding to support our running costs. Our organisation is currently financed mainly by its unpaid Directors who provide a small capital infusion, but its existence can only be maintained through the generosity of donations and funding from government or non-government organisations. We are firm believers in the power of advocacy and to carry out this much-needed work, we need YOUR help and support.

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