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Mental Health First Aid Training

Stories of mental health are making the headlines more than ever before and unfortunately the church is not exempt in this.  


Here at SIRG we are focusing our Mental Health course at churches, as we feel that many people will be seeking help within the church community.  

We offer an accredited level 2 mental health first aider course that will prepare your leaders and or congregation on how to spot the early signs of mental health disorders, provide self-help techniques that can be passed on and signpost them to professional help if it is needed.


For a limited time, we are offering huge discounts to churches, for them to become up skilled in this area thus becoming ‘A Mental Health Friendly Church!

An increasing number of people are suffering with their mental health. It is said that close to 1 in 4 people in the UK have some sort of mental health issue which can have a debilitating affect on their personal and working life. Having a mental health first aider in your organisational ranks can not only improve productivity and efficiency. As a responsible and caring leader, you have a duty of care which can accrue a wider range of other objectives that affect all stakeholders.

Whilst we are interested in working with churches we are calling all leaders to look into this type of course. 

This course has clear identifiable goals, but can altered to suit your needs in terms of delivery.

​Please get in touch with us at

call 07763 548 821

Mental Health Awareness Training - New Life Assembly Church - Dulwich, London
November 2021

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MHACourse pic.jpg
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Participant Feedback;

"The course was delivered beautifully..many thanks".

"This has truly been an eye-opener, the two sessions has enabled me to access my understanding of mental health, of which I had a very biast understanding.  This course has altered that...thanks."

"Keep advertising this course"

Participant Feedback;

"As formally trained mental health awareness first aiders, we feel strongly that we can now proundly say that we are a mental health friendly church...this is key"

"We feel armed and equipt to deal with what is now before us, we want to make sure our congregation are fully aware of how we can further support them"

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