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17th February 2021 
5.00pm to 6.30pm

Engagement and Empowerment - Advocating in Education

We are interested in discussing how we can use parental engagement to narrow the gap in outcomes of Black Caribbean, Black mixed heritage and Black African students, who continue to fall behind.


We need to hear from this community of stakeholders about


  • Your level of your engagement

  • Where you have needed support, but haven't received it

  • Your feeling of powerlessness to influence decision making

  • Where you have been unfairly treated or failed by your school

  • Where you feel limited in your engagement and reasons for it

  • What impact you feel COVID has had on your child going forward

  • Do you feel supported by your school,

  • What are the main barriers to your engagement

  • How has your engagement been affected during lockdown

  • Why you believe our children are behind


How can educational advocates help

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